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"PC Mirror has helped our business"

  Productivity Increase sales and customer satisfaction by up to 16%*
  Check Your Image Check your image before you Skype or go out to lunch (or elsewhere)
  Rear View Mirror Large 4" x 4" mirror allows you to easily see behind you
  Great Gift Idea Well made, useful, nicely packaged and unique. Now in black!
  Customizable Silk screen or use die-cut labels with your company information.
  Easy to Install Just attach it to your monitor with the special "leave no mark" tape.
  Use it/Don't Use it Hinge allows you to fold PC Mirror back flat when not in use.

*An independent nationwide study reported increases in sales and productivity ranging from 3% to 16% when people used PC Mirror.
For over 50 years, professional sales trainers and motivators have strongly recommended using a mirror when using the telephone. By checking your image before and during a conversation, you can help ensure the success of your sale. Ever hear the expression, "Smile While you Dial"? Many sales trainers, sales professionals and motivators have. People can "hear" your smile. It affects the quality of your voice and your attitude.

We have sold thousands of PC Mirrors to many companies of all sizes including Lexus, Gerber, AT&T, Viking Office Products, The Hartford, Chase, Sun Microsystems, Citibank, The International Customer Service Association, Cisco, Caldwell Banker and many others for one simple reason: It works.

Patented, well-made and at only $11.95 per mirror (before quantity discounts), it will pay for itself - forever - with one new sale or better satisfied customer.

Order PC Mirror now and see it work for you.

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